How GDI Came About

The Divine prompted Royal Shri Maha Rudraji to temporarily renounce his social and materialistic life so that he could go through an intense spiritual journey and be ready to serve The Divine unconditionally. During his journey, he was shown the galactic existence, made aware of his reason for being, and given divine wisdom. Alongside The Divine, he created many outreach efforts that will uplift humanity and elevate human consciousness. When The Divine asked him to reunite with the social world, he was directed to uplift and empower humanity with the Global Divine Initiative which will be fulfilled through five worldwide campaigns. The Divine assured him that many people would come to assist and bear this responsibility to help bring about the next chapter of human evolution so that we can collectively make a huge difference. Everyone is invited to join the cause and explore how they can contribute to help create a Wonderfully Blessed Cheerful World. Act today and make a huge difference!

GDI Vision

A world full of happy and blissful people with elevated human consciousness and living a peaceful, energetic, and meaningful life through which they can magnify their inner abilities, maximize their life potential, and become better in life.

GDI Mission

Empower and uplift at least 10 million people every 10 years and help them be Stress-Free, Healthy, Fit, Prosperous, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Awake, and Blissful.

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Together We Can!


GDI (Global Divine Initiative) is a worldwide effort to end human suffering and promote peace, love, kindness, health, prosperity, and divine life. God wants to implement this cause through five world campaigns: Stress-Free World™, Healthy-Fit World™, Prosperous-Joyful World™, Kind-Loving World™, Awake-Blissful World™. Does any of these campaigns spark your passion and make you feel energized? Join us and put action to your passion, fulfilling your soul purpose.

Support GDI by participating and sharing this cause with others.
Your donation will also be appreciated and help uplift millions of people.

You will be contributing to the next chapter in human evolution.

Stress-Free Life Benefits
  • More Harmony
  • More Balance
  • More Peace
Healthy-Fit Life Benefits
  • More Energy
  • More Stamina
  • More Lifetime
Kind-Loving Life Benefits
  • More Love
  • More Patience
  • More Acceptance
Prosperous-Joyful Life Benefits
  • More Happiness
  • More Abundance
  • More Success
Awake-Blissful Life Benefits
  • More Open minded
  • More Consciousness
  • More Divinity

Our End Goal

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    We Support This Cause

    World Wide Outreach

    7 Divine Teams Across 7 Continents

    Collective Effort To Grow Collective Consciousness™

    Support humanity’s biggest effort to bring a worldwide positive change!

    Our Founder


    Royal Shri Maha Rudraji, is here to spread the word of Oneness of God, to inspire Oneness among the people of Earth, and to eradicate differences causing mass inequality, sufferings, and poverty. His objective is for Humanity to embrace the Dawn Of The Bliss Age™, in which every human soul has the potential to fulfill its life purpose, achieve life satisfaction, and be empowered with blissfulness.

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